Great minds think alike. Great teachers know the value of sharing ideas and tools that have worked with their students and in their classroom. When Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa) from Barrow C Elementary in Athens, GA shared a computer science themed Flipgrid his students worked on, others took notice. Library Media & Technology Specialist Donna Macdonald (@dsmacdonald) in Vermont decided to try a similar project with her students. We love being able to see this kind of collaboration and sharing between teachers from different parts of the country. Thank you to all teachers who work hard and come up with original, inspiring ideas like these!

Click here to check out the Flipgrid from Athens, GA where at Barrow C. Elementary students share about their Finch Learning Challenge.

Click here to view the Flipgrid from Vermont, where students at Orchard School share their own challenges and results.

Great minds think alike. Great teachers share ideas!

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