Oral assessments, such as an interviews or speeches, are a daunting experience for students who are uncomfortable talking in front of their peers and teachers. This often results in a poor grade and does not necessarily reflect how well a student studied or comprehended the material. Help alleviate the stress of underperforming, and ultimately receiving a lower final grade in class, with tips from PBS LearningMedia and Ford’s Theater.

Students in Minnesota visited Ford’s Theater and shared the following five “verbal Podium Points:”

  • Pace: speaking at the right pace makes it easy for all audience members to understand the speaker
  • Emphasis: stressing certain words makes important words stand out
  • Diction: properly annunciating words is part of diction
  • Tone: the tone should match the subject of the speech
  • Volume: proper volume makes it easy for audience members to hear the speaker

Arguably the most important point is to let students know that the classroom is a safe environment for them to present in front of their peers.

PBS LearningMedia posted the original video clip, titled “Oratory Tips and Tricks | Ford’s Theatre.”

How to: Stand Out During Oral Exams

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