Ever heard of Bright Hub Education? Their blog is a great source to find “expert-driven educational advice you can count on,” so when we came across their article on prepping for summer school, we had to read it.

We all know it’s true: kids in summer school are always complaining about how they want to be outside playing. So why not give them what they want? Bright Hub Education won’t leave you hanging dry; they even came up with a way for all your students to attend a French Language Summer Camp!

Football is a great way to have your students while immersing themselves into the French culture. Present students with vocabulary about football. For example, ask them to translate the words ball, grass, outdoors, teammate, coach, to win, and to lose in French. Next, divide the class into teams and play!

If you’re looking for an indoor French activity, reading is a great option. Here are some readers that will engage your students for an entire class period and help them better their pronunciation.

Summer School Prep 101

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