The Federal Communications Commission is projected to give $3.86 billion in funding this year

The Federal Communications Commission recently made some big changes. More schools than ever are applying for, and receiving funding to aid in providing better internal Wi-Fi for schools. “The data shows a 92% boost in E-rate applications for discounted Wi-Fi equipment and services, with all requests likely to be granted following a December vote to raise the program’s spending cap from $2.4 to $3.9 billion” (Via Education Dive)

Overall, schools are looking to increase their access to Wi-Fi and address online testing requirements. Many schools in rural or low-income areas struggle to have sufficient resources to make digital testing happen. $3.86 billion is expected to be awarded to schools in 2015, with 10,295 applications received this year. Check out the full article here:

Schools, Wi-Fi, and Funding

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