Just when you thought you had all the French regions memorized they go ahead and change it! Yes, that’s right, the map of France is different.

Technically these changes were known in the beginning of 2016, but the new names of the regions and their regional capitals only became official recently. There used to be 22 regions that mapped out the metropolitan area of France; the number of regions have now dropped to 13.

Some of the names have joined together, while others have received new names entirely. Students will only benefit from knowing the changes that happened to metropolitan France. Ask students what they would have called the regions and if they would’ve reduced the number of regions even more.

This mini lesson is just that – it doesn’t have to take up the whole class time, maybe just use it for a transition piece.

Get a list of all the new regional names, and a before-and-after map of France here.

Mini Lesson: Regions in France

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