Step into just about any classroom at any school in the country and you will notice at least one or two students not obeying the rules. You know, there’s the one that is throwing rolled up paper balls into the students’ hood who sits in front of them; the one that talks while you are talking; the one who gets up out of their seat when they should be sitting.

These types of distractions take away from learning. Use the following tips to take hold of any situation before it becomes a habit for your student:

  1. Don’t take it personal. This one is tough! Remember that the student is likely acting out because of other things in his or her personal life, not because of you.
  2. Find out what causes this behavior. Talk with parents or other school administrators who know the student. They could have more insight into the root of the problem than you do.
  3. Establish a relationship. Pull the student aside and talk with them about how they feel and how you can help them both in and out of the classroom. This conversation should be ongoing.

Follow these steps to create a better environment that your students will want to learn in and you will want to teach in. Students will (quietly) thank you for taking away distractions in the classroom.

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How to: Keep Your Cool in Front of Students

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