Michael Reis from Teaching with Technology hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “Facilitating a rich discussion is a challenge, whether it’s online, face-to-face, synchronous or asynchronous.” We couldn’t agree more, so when he shared his insight on using Flipgrip in the classroom we just had to share it.

Flipgrid, according to Michael is “a pretty straight-forward tool where participants respond to a prompt in a 90 second video made using a webcam capture.” After using Flipgrid for students’ assignments, he made sure to ask himself a few questions that reflect on issues keeping students from engaging in class.

  1. “Is this boring?”
  2. “Why should [students] respond?”
  3. “What’s happening in this activity to make listening to others appealing?”

By asking himself the above questions, he was able to improve his teaching techniques and lesson plan designs. You, too, can use Michael’s questions as reminders for why you teach and how to improve your students’ learning experience.

To hear more of Michael’s conclusions and read the article, follow this link.

Improving the Learning Experience

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