Critical thinking plays a large role in our everyday life, not just in the classroom. We use it to weigh our options for important decisions, such as purchasing a car or voting for President. Many times, we rely on our emotions to help us with our choices, when we should be using critical thinking. So how can you make sure you’re subjecting important decisions to critical thinking? Samantha Agoos’ TED-Ed lesson gives us a handful of simple tips to improve our critical thinking:

  1. Formulate your question
  2. Gather your information
  3. Apply the information
  4. Consider the implications
  5. Explore other view points

The next time you make a decision, no matter how big or how small, test out these tips. Ask yourself “did I weigh all the factors?” and “could I have used more emotion?” The more you ask yourself these questions, the easier it will become to build a habit and recognize when to use your critical thinking.

Click the link to watch the TED-Ed video, “5 tips to improve your critical thinking.”

How to: Improve Critical Thinking

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