The Central Unified School District is teaching students how to become problem-solvers with new programming that prepares students to effectively handle problems. This initiative also includes equipping teachers with the skills to teach outside-the-box thinking that can be individualized for students.

The creator of this program, Dr. Laural Ashlock talked to The Learning Counsel about the importance of this migration in learning. ‘ “No longer is it memorization of information or procedural ability to solve a problem,” she says. “It’s about, okay, now I have to get behind the wheel of that car, take all that knowledge that I have, and do something with it.” ‘ (Via The Learning Counsel).

EMC’s programs such as Flipgrid and Passport are great examples of how students can learn to be problem-solvers and have individualized learning. To learn more about EMC’s products, go to and to read the full Learning Counsel article go to

Digital Learning Environment Changes

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