Coachella Valley Schools in California is making strides in the field of technology, and it’s being noticed. The Learning Counsel interviewed Superintendent Dr. Darryl Adams about the changes happening in the school district. President Obama recognized the district last year for its efforts to keep students and families connected. In the evening, the district sends out buses equipped with Wi-Fi for families with students to use in order to get online.

“This is really smart,” the President said. “You’ve got underutilized resources, buses in the evening, so you put the routers on, disperse them, and suddenly everybody is connected,” he said during the speech. “Now it’s not just students that can get online. It’s their families as well.” (via The Learning Counsel) Want to learn more about what’s happening in The Coachella Valley School District? Check out the interview with Dr. Darryl Adams.

Desert School Gets Recognition

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