Students are becoming more attached to their phones than just about anything else these days. You can change that!

All it takes is a gentle reminder to show students the joys of reading, and the best part is that you can find time in your class schedule to do it. Incorporate one or a few options below from Edutopia to up your students’ reading game.

Create a classroom library

Students will become excited to read a book when they have options placed in front of them. Ask your local community members, friends and colleagues to donate a book or two to your classroom library. Your students will love the gesture!

Host a book talk

Invite a staff member to speak about their current favorite read; this will show students that reading at any age level is fun. Soon, students will ask you if they can be the host! It will even give them ideas for what book to check out next.

Hot book list

You know a book is popular when the wait list at the local library is in the double digits. Make a list of books by compiling information from the NYT best sellers. This is great for students to reference when they have to wait a few weeks to check out a book that is “hot” at the moment.

Finding the right book is no easy task, and can easily deter students from choosing to read rather than spending more time on their phone. However, using the above ideas will show students how they can easily find a book that suits them! How are you inspring students to read more? Send us your recommendations via Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below.

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How to: Create a Literacy-Rich Classroom

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