What makes an ideal partner in blended learning? The answer may be different for each school. Jenny Lehman is Assistant Superintendent of Schools at Upper Moreland School District. Part of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, the district serves approximately 25,000 people. With an enrollment of more than 3,000 K-12 students, the district has 30.4% of students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, 3.3% who are English Language Learners, and 12.4% who receive special education services. With her practical experience, Lehman authored the Framework for Continuous Improvement for the Upper Moreland Township School District. “The Framework provides a process for developing, implementing, and managing curriculum, instruction, professional development and assessment,” she explains. “In short, it is a comprehensive road map for achieving excellence. It is designed to provide clear direction and capture our commitment to educate students for a well-rounded future.” A Philadelphia-area school district assists students in expanding their knowledge of world language and culture through the right technology and a clear vision.

Did Jenny’s formula for success work? Find out!

An Ideal Partner in Blended Learning

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