Like many of your fellow educators, you promised yourself that this was the year to “up your game” in the classroom. You wanted to learn from those who excel in the professional world and still have time to live life once the bell rings for the day’s last class. So, you decided to join social networks in hopes of having access to the “movers and shakers in the education world,” as puts it.

Now you’re overwhelmed with all the information you’re receiving from these supposed “movers and shakers.” Don’t worry, it happens! You get really excited to become your best self, and then you over-do it. According to, it should be easy.

Their article about how to clean up your act and get back on track provides advice on reviewing who you’ve decided to friend or follow, and when to respond to people who comment on your posts. This is your year – go ahead and be your best self.

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How to: Achieve Professional Development

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