Going back to school can sometimes come with the return of bad habits such as sleep deprivation and overloaded backpacks. Dr.  Joseph Horrigan has advice on how to avoid bad back-to-school habits this school year. When kids go back to school, they often start numerous extra curricular activities. Over-involvement of kids can cause sleep deprivation and harm focus, working memory and mood but Dr. Horrigan has a solution. Dr. Horrigan believes that cutting back involvement will allow students to focus more on homework, get better sleep, and be more attentive in the classroom.

Dr. Horrigan also explores solutions to overloaded backpacks, poor posture, and lack of sports preparation in his Huffington Post article. To read the full article, click here: http://huff.to/1KhG6sB

4 Bad Back-to-School Habits

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