When discussing motivation in the classroom, student learning is typically the hot topic. However, students aren’t the only ones who need to remind themselves about what is motivating them in the classroom, as teachers should, too.

Wayne Craig, the regions director (similar to a superintendent) of Melbourne, Australia took it upon himself to emphasize student literacy, numeracy and curiosity. His idea started with teachers, not students. “The whole notion was that to improve the outcomes of students, you have to change the way you taught,” Craig said. “And to change the way we taught we had to change the organization.”

Craig made sure that his ideas about excellent teaching practices were prescriptive for educators. Craig suggested that one school should change the leadership style from top-down to distributed leadership. One teacher who adopted Craig’s practices stated that, “It is awesome and not as hard as what people think. The number one barrier to people changing is they think it’s going to be hard.”

To learn how you can adopt some of Craig’s changes, follow the link.

What Motivates You to Teach?

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