Grabbing and keeping students’ attention can be difficult, but the rewards of their involvement are worth the extra effort you put in. TeachThought said that “If the mind of a student isn’t engaged, understanding and content mastery don’t stand a chance.” Recently, the pedagogy-based website provided 6 Golden Rules for Engaging Students to increase student engagement in and out of the classroom.

Rule one says to make lessons meaningful, and you would think that is common sense, but in a busy world, we sometimes forget this. Implement this by asking students to brainstorm problems for problem-based learning, or involving others outside of the classroom for project-based learning activities. Prompting them with questions will help students realize that they are capable of controlling how they learn, which is part of rule three. The simple tactics associated with the rules will not only engage students, but also entice them to take learning into their own hands.

For more strategies on fitting the six rules into your classroom and to read the original post, click here.

How to: Increase Student Engagement

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