Adding humor to lesson plans can make students more engaged, and remember more information. However, some educators are unsure if their jokes will make sense to students. Will they think it’s funny? Will they really remember more of today’s lesson? An article by Edutopia has a few tips on ensuring students get the most out of your April Fools prank, including a video of one teacher’s math joke that had the entire class laughing.

The teacher took his April Fools prank to the next level by turning into a “new,” goofy version of himself. Students laughed as their teacher began arguing with himself in a video he edited to prank his students. Eventually, his “new” self emerged and began teaching the students. This April Fools, bring humor to the lesson, and watch as your students become more engaged.

To read the entire article and find other April Fools pranks, follow this link.

April Fool’s Day Classroom Pranks

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