Your student’s are in the homestretch! Summer 2016 is within vision, and they’ve lost interest in school. That’s common these days; as the weather turns brighter and warmer, grades get put on the back burner. Teachers, you aren’t the only ones who are worried about student’s this time of year, parents are, too. If student’s are forgetting an assignment here and there, or have dropped a grade since the snow melted, then ask parents to step in.

Parents, there are many ways you can motivate your children. One option is to reward them with a little gift of your choice. If you choose to reward your learner, GreatSchools thinks it best to know whether your student possesses intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. Remember that motivation may take time, and that each child is different. There isn’t a secret weapon that you can unleash to motivate students again, so you may have to guess and check to see what works best in your situation.

If you have a go-to tactic for motivating your students or children, let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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How to: Motivate Students

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